19 Sep 2015

Parffümerie Becker ~ High End Make-up for Half Price!


If you follow me on Instagram you might have heard about my little shopping trip to the Parfümerie Becker at the main station in Düsseldorf. Parfümerie Becker is a store similar to Douglas which is similar to Sephora XD...However, sometimes they have promotions going on where a few things are 50% off. And once a year they do a BIG version of this. So when I passed their store and saw the sale I couldn't resist and picked up a few pieces for my mother and myself. I hope you enjoy this little haul^^.

17 Sep 2015

Let's build a lightbox!


Yesterday evening I finally decided to build my lightbox! And since I want to give you some more content on this blog I snapped some pictures during the process. Hope you enjoy!^^

15 Sep 2015

Douglas haul ~Urban Decay, Shiseido and all the good stuff

Ohai everyone!

Today I have my latest Douglas haul for you! For those of you, who do not know Douglas, it's basically a similar store to Sephora (which we don't have in Germany), where you can buy mostly high-end Makeup, Skincare and Perfumes.
The reason for this haul was mostly to use up my giftcards, which I got for my birthday in October 2014!!! XD I still have one more giftcard left and I intend to spend it this month!

28 Jul 2015

Talk-y tutorial! XD or my recent makeup routine...~Video


I'm finally back with another Video! Has been a loooong time...this time it is kind of a "let's talk tutorial"- or "my recent makeup routine"-type of video. Hope you enjoy watching!

13 Jul 2015

DIY airconditioning/cooler! ~ our weekend project XD - WARNING! Many pictures!


Last weekend we had around 40 °C here in Düsseldorf so we decided to help cool down our apartment a bit with a self-made cooler! The inspiration we got from here: https://youtu.be/FaC0dlRENk0 !

10 Jul 2015

Loot of last month #5 ~Drugstore and Makeup!! ~Video

Ohai and welcome back to another video!

It's a very late loot of last month this time...all the things here I actually bought in May XD. However, due to things at work and water dripping from our ceiling since last week I didn't come around to do much for my blog or channel.

29 Jun 2015

Summer Lipsticks ~37 bright lipsticks I mostly use in summer ~Video


Here I am finally with another video! This time I want to show you might lipsticks for summer. So mostly bright shades, ranging from red, orange and coral to pink and purple. Of course you can use any lipstick shade at any season but for me these are the ones I prefer in summer^^. Hope you enjoy watching!

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